A visual image of need from the National Low Income Housing Coalition

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Congratulations, you just bought a… Job

In today’s world of nickel and dimming people to death, we all to commonly hear about corporations passing the buck onto the consumer in order to protect their bottom line. Strangely a new trend has emerged. One where an employee has to pay for his or her right to work. There is a fee in the background investigation, a badge, or a uniform. There are no generics. There is no cost saving alternative. The employee must pony up, most likely from the first paycheque two, in order to secure a position.

Police Line… Do Not Cross

Wrongfully Written Up

Yesterday at work my shift lead came up to me with a piece of paper and said, “Sign this!” Now, it is not unusual for a shift lead to come with a paper that needed to be signed but this time it was different. This wasn’t a standard piece of paper with rules and policies that we all had to acknowledge. This was a disciplinary sheet. Continue reading

A National Tragity

I feel sick as my blood boils. Who would want to hurt peaceful Norway? Who would want to shoot at Norwegian children? The police don’t even carry guns in Norway. Any sort of crime is front page news. Things like this just don’t happen there. I should know, it was my home when I was 17.

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