PSA- Syllabus update

For everyone keeping up with Politics and Society in Africa, Dr. El-afandi has updated the course Syllabus. We will be using 3 books this semester:

  • Understanding Contemporary Africa- 3rd ed. written by April and Donald Gordon.
  • AIDS and South Africa: The Social Expression of a Pandemic by Kyle Kauffman and DAvid Lindauer
  • Taking Sides: African Issues- 2nd ed. by William Moseley

You can get these books at the local bookstore or shop for them online. 

Due dates to worry about:

  • There are 3 exams Sept. 28, Oct 26, and Dec 13
  • Chapeter summaries in the Moseley book are due every Tuesday (you need to do 12 before Dec 1)
  • The AIDS and South Africa book report is due Dec 16

Good Luck!


Study abroad challenge


Sometimes it is so difficult to figure out where you want to go. There are so many different places with so many different personalities. Unlike my friends, I will be working on going abroad again (yes, Norway was not enough)not this year but next, this time to a region in the Middle East. It is down to 2 possibilities. Bogazici University in Istanbul Turkey, or  Egypt with the schools program. However, I have this unshaking desire to hit up the Eurasia divide. (yes, i will be the dorky American tourist going look mom… now i’m in Europe, now i’m in Asia, now i’m in Europe, now i’m in Asia, now i’m in 2 places at once! Of course I’ll have to take pictures and share them with you all!) With that in mind I have been trying to figure out how things are going to work… whether i must go for a semester and hope to be accepted for an additional one or whether St. Olaf university will accept a consortium agreement letting me join their study abroad program for the full 2 terms. I don’t know which but I’ll keep you posted!

Can Gaza find peace?


Just last week the Al-Jazeera blog boards were going crazy with the blog posting of ‘Can Gaza find peace?’. That my friends has been the million dollar question since the creation of the Modern Middle East. Just what exactly needs to be done in order for 2 peoples (with the same inherent roots) to productively move forward and put a massive history of hate behind them? What is reasonable? What can be compromised? What is a viable legitimate option? Continue reading

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