PSA- update

UPDATE: There are only 2 books required in this class, however, you are required to go out and find a book on Africa to do a report on. Once you think you have chosen a book, please go to El-Afandi and have him approve it. A hard copy syllabus will be made avaliable to students on Thursday.

Today’s lecture was to give a basis of study and background information on Africa. We covered the basics that Africa was carved into 65 colonies that eventually became independent by the mid 1900’s. Unrest in the lands comes from these boundaries, as well as the fact that ethnicities were split, languages range in the hundreds, the economies are starved, and natural resources are going to pay for arms instead of education. We will be looking further into each of these topics as well as a few more during the up and comming semester. So with that in mind… I’ll see you in class on Thursday. 


EICH-Syllabus update

European Intellectual and Cultural History, taught by M. Byman, is primarly focus on the thought patterns (mainly ideals) from the 19, 20, and 21st centuries. Three books will be used in the class. With tentitive exams on the 1st of Oct, 29 of Oct, and during finals week in Dec. There will aslo be a paper (5-6 pages) on one of the individuals studied during the course of the semester. Individual quizes and participation will also be a big factor in your grade. Keep up with the work and you should do fine.

Homework for Tuesday: Pery: pg 31-92

UFP- Syllabus update

The first class of the day- Us Foreign Policy. I must say thanks to Allah and the History chair that we finally have a survey class that deals with the study of international relations in History.

Our professor this year is Dr. Tomas Tolvaisas of Lithuania (self described as coming from the evil empire). My first impressions of him are that he is going to do well, dispite the fact that he took away my computerized notes. (yes it is in the syllabus and yes that sucks.)  Tomas, as he likes to be called, assigned us 4 books- 1 text book, 1 reader, and 2 “enjoyables”. See the book list in a previous post for the titles. He also posts things on D2L. Make sure you check it out… .

Important dates to remember:

  • We have 4 class discussions in the next few weeks there will be more but they are coupled with individual presentations- 31 Aug, 7 Sept, 12 Sept, 17 Sept
  • Individual presentations are done by appointment (make your selection and email Thomas about it- first come first serve)
  • Midterm- 15 Oct
  •  Final Exam- Minne 239 8am-10am (yes, you have to wake up for it)

attendance is taken! Make sure you show up and are not more than 10 min late!

Good luck!

Well everyone, this is it. The first day 2 first days of classes. MWF are my History oriented days and TH are my Political Science days. And then of course add a good healthy dose of Arabic in there too and we can call it one strong semester. For those of you taking any of the classes with me (or alternativly at another time) may Allah be with you!

Good luck y’all and good night.  



I would like to invite each and every one of you to watch with me the CNN special presentation God’s warriors. Over 3 days Christiane Amanpour will look into what some people will do for religion. If you missed last nights episode it dealt with the Jewish warriors. Tonight is the Muslims, and tomorrow is the Christians. Please watch, add your comments and I hope you enjoy.

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