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I would like to share with you all a recent note i got from a friend of mine. (i would also love to plug her blog, which i will do in a little while). She would be describe more so by her role as human guineau pig- which she is damn proud of. If you like this little article I would ask that you take the time to venture to and read her weekly blog that captures her hand at giving up consumerism this year.  To read her little article The balance of the long term and short term please follow through to the next page.

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I do have to apologize for getting to this kinda late. I have not been feeling 100% lately and subsequently have fallen behind on my duties to update this blog. Here is an attempt at rectifying myself and catching you all up on what has been missed. Continue reading

Little “Mosque” on the Prairie


Everyone has heard of the Laura Ingle Wilder books Little House on the Prairie, but I bet few people have heard of one of Canada’s newest and hottest Islamic TV Shows. Little Mosque on the Prairie (premiering it’s second season October 3rd at 9pm central) features the comical side of growing up Muslim on the Canadian prairie. However, that is not all it does. LMP revolves around several very colorful and outspoken characters. The cast includes Amaar, a big city boy who ventures to the prairie as the Muslim communities new imam (spiritual leader); Yasir and Sarah, a youngish contractor and his convert wife; Rayyan, Yasir and Sarah’s bright, outspoken, devout daughter; Baber, the former imam who is as distrusting of the west as they are of him; Neil Crone, the local radio shock jock; as well as countless others. All these characters, just by living their normal lives, work together to humorously debunk the myths and blatant stereotypes that have pit-fallen the relations within Muslim and western communities of this hemisphere. To learn more about the show check out the CBC’s Little mosque on the Prairie website. For those of you who cannot wait until October 9th you can always view the reruns of last years season on the CBC or Youtube. Hope you all enjoy.

Ramadan Mubarak

For those who know little to nothing about one of my favorite holidays you are going to get educated. Ramadan is the 9th of the Muslim calendar. This holy month is earmarked by 30 days of fasting (not even water folks) from sunup until sundown. Those who partake in this month tend to reap all the rewards that go along with fasting. (I’ll explain that a little later). Ok, so here are the basics for those willing to try. The focus this month should be on worship and contemplation. Earthly cares, though relevant to a degree, are put to the side. They are secondary concerns. The most important concern is that we keep Allah in our hearts and minds. This fast reminds us of that. It also reminds us to be good, and to be charitable to those who don’t have what we have.  Now to the rules…

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Remaking America


As 2008 approaches and we get geared up for the newest rounds in the Presidential and congressional squabbles, I am often surprised by our lack of national self examination . Every 4 years we have the opportunity to re-evaluate what has happened politically and if need be set our nation on a different course, but every 4 years we hear the same old stale rhetoric from “new” contenders riding party lines.  Now I’m not contending to be president or a congresswoman. I’m not old enough nor would I really want the job, however, I can be vocal about issues that I think need a little more than a cosmetic band-aid. With that in mind, and you all are sure welcome to join me with you views and comments,  I’m going to post several parts to this topic- Remaking America. Everything in these segments is fair game from how we handle disasters, to how we should spend money on our welfare, to foreign policy, to logical consequences of major domestic choices. Let’s make this year the one in which we reflect on our past choices and make logical/ rational ones for the future.

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