Trick or Treat for UNICEF


Well once again, Halloween is right around the corner. I do admit that it is not my favorite holiday in the world, however, every halloween provides one of the best oppertunities that some have to spread the message of good will and charity. This halloween is no different. Many of you are gearing up to give away candy to the throngs of young people dressed as ghosts, witches, and goblins, but I would like you to not forget about those people out there Trick or Treating for another cause. Yup.. that is right, many young people will also be Trick or Treating for UNICEF this year. When you see these youngsters, or pass by one of their booths I would ask that you be generous enough and donate a dollar or two to help those in need. With that said, you may be wondering what UNICEF does.
Well for starters UNICEF is the United Nations children’s fund. It was created December 11 1946 to provide emergancy food and healthcare to children residing in countries that had been devistated in WW2. Today, UNICEF’s mission has greatly expanded. Now in addition to helping children in war torn areas, UNICEF provides child survival and development programs, basic education and gender equality programs, HIV/AIDS prevention and awarness programs, and child protection, as well as basic immunizations to needy children throughout the world.



Political Research students, we have the midterm exam on Tuesday. Make sure you read all the material. (hint: do the exercises at the end of each chapter and know those concepts). Not only that, but be sure you can rewrite a good thesis. If you have questions stop in and see Prof. Guernica.

Also… Lit reviews are not due yet, however, you should be well underway with them. We will be taking a small amount of time in class to see how everyone is doing. Remember, this paper should be 8-12 pages long. Do not go over 12 pages, and do not go under 8. Single and a half or double spaced only folks.


Just a reminder to those in the class. Questions for the next exam are due on Saturday at midnight. So far we have covered the social side to Africa. Next portion of class we will be examining the roles of politics in African culture.

Also…. Please continue to hand in your PSA Assignments. A few people are lacking on turning in material. You have to have 12 complete in order to get a decent grade.

Finaly…. Make sure you get started on your book review. It is due on Thursday the 15th or 16th of November.

Good luck

Moms will be…

You’ve heard that phrase boys will be boys. Well… that is supposed to apply to moms as well. Moms are the ever caring individuals who want the best for their children at the expense of embarrasing them to death. What I wouldn’t give for that type of mom. Continue reading


Ok eveyone, we have a midterm on Wednesday and Monday. Wednesday you need to have a 5 sentance monologue to share with the class. Wednesday will be the written portion. Make sure you can use all the appropriate vocabulary. Good luck.

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