Yes it is that time again where you can go and get agrivated while standing in line to return a few… (or all) of those pesky books that you were forced to buy for classes and you never used. Of course you will be standing in line for hours only to realize that you paid nearly $500 for the books and you are getting back the equivelant of a cheeze pizza. Well, all I can say is enjoy! Trust me I’ll see you there.


If you have questions about the African articles check out these 2 for examples. You can find them listed under pages… PSA article 1, PSA article 13.

Message to all…

This Thanksgiving has been a real trial for those students at WSU. In one week we lost 2 of our own. 1 to an automobile accident; the other to an unforseable illness. It is during this time that I ask all of you to take just a minute from your daily schedule to remember them or any of those of whom you have lost recently, as well as remembering those who are still with us.

Unholy War Terror in the Name of Islam- a Review

            They are called God’s warriors, young men and women who are driven to rid the world of its evil ways and restore it once again to the divine state it was meant to be. Such warriors are seen in western media taking hostages by the bus load, shooting into crowds of people and becoming walking bombs… all for a complex issue which each religiously minded young Muslim person struggles to fulfill… all for jihad. –Or do they? 

            The term jihad in the late part of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century is a term that has been altogether hijacked. It has as many different definitions as there are people. Jihad according to the BBC Team under their religion & Ethics page is defined as:

·         A struggle or effort

·         A believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible

·         The struggle to build a good Muslim society

·         Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary

With so many different definitions out there it is no wonder the word has become associated with the less desirable aspects of a supposed holy war.   Continue reading

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