Weeks 1 & 2

Well folks, Week one and two have come and gone. Most of us are getting settled back into the routine of things once again. My sentiment is that vacation was soooooo not long enough. I don’t know what happened to it. All I know is that I am sitting here loathing Samual Jackson and a writer known as Boswell. Snooze… But I digress. School is one of those expensive luxuries that we put up with in order to posses a single piece of parchment with our names fancily printed on it. To get that paper we must attend some sort of activity for which I will be “trying” to explain this semester…. only I’ll be kind and break it down by class. Continue reading


The Gambler

There is an old country western song that my father used to sing along to as he took me to school. He would sing “You need to know how to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money while your sitting at the table. There will be enough counting when the dealing’s done.”
That choirs line keeps comming up as I watch the presidential campaigns rage on to Super Tuesday.  Some candidates really do need to learn when to fold. A few of these would be Democrates Kucinich and Gravel, and Republicans Paul and Giuliani who have not won (or come close to winning) a single state. When we are this far into caucuses and we have had numerous major ones take place, we should be narrowing down the field. It is time to respect those who have understood this such as Republican Thompson and Democrate Bidden. These men know that by continuing to run and campaign in a losing battle they are effectivly pulling peoples time and attention away from the 3 main runners in each race. It would be a bigger service to each of these men- and the parties to which they campaign, because they are obviously not going to get the nod. Instead boys, save your money. Save the money of the other leading candidates. If the urge is still there to be the president, find an independent party (not the independent party, but one seperate from the republicans and the democrates) and try your hand there. By persisting in this maddness I can only say Thank God you will never be president. America needs a president that has the common sense to know his limits.

Congrats winners

For those following the Iowa caucus the results are in. Congrats to Sen. Obama, and Mike Huckabee. Sen. Obama recieved 37% of the vote, followed by Sen. Edwards in second and Sen. Clinton in third. Mike Huckabee took 34% of the vote, followed by Mitt Romney with 25%. We cannot wait to see how the two sides play out.

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