What I learned from a semester of MicroEconomics

Beyond learning that all economics truely is about applying complex equations to the simple concept of supply and demand. My micro-economics textbook startled me by proclaiming: 

“Rational self-interest IS NOT the same as selfishness. Self interested, but unselfish acts help maximize the givers’ satisfaction as much as any personal purchase of goods or services. Self-interested behavior is simply behavior designed to increase personal satisfaction, however it may be derived.”

Therefore, what ever is going on in the world today economically is driven by 3 forces: Supply, Demand and Rational self-interest!


Arab Food and Hospitality- (rough draft)

arab-foodI used to think my Scandinavian culture was the epitome of hospitality. We would serve large plates of food at mealtime for our guests, sit and talk over coffee and cake when a stranger would come to call. We would put our lives on hold for a few moments to entertain a friend.  Then I had the opportunity to enjoy a meal in the house of an Arab friend.  It was slightly overwhelming.

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