Scholarship Essay~ Sample

TRiO. I had never heard of it before an academic counsellor marched me down the corridor and into a crowded office area. “You need this and you qualify,” she said. I wasn’t so sure, but I desperately needed help. 


Like many other students from South East Minnesota, I am a first generation University student. Higher education was not something that most people back home had– Especially not my parents, or my grandparents or my great grandparents.  So there I was; in over my head, trying to navigate a system that no one in my sphere of influence had ever navigated before. It was all a constant fight. A fight with Financial Aid. A fight to balance time between the 30+ hour job I badly needed and the 16 credits I needed to take.  A Fight to feel like I belonged on campus. And even a fight against the system I came from to be here. Continue reading


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