Don’t Forget Me. I Want EBT!

After ringing up 4 monster energy drinks, 8 candy bars, 2 large 2 litters of soda, and a pack of cigarets, I grimmaced as my customer pulled out her EBT card. Yes folks in the state of Minnesota one can by all the shit one wants by simply using food stamps. Granted they can’t get a “hot meal” with the beloved low-income  electronic benefits card, but junk food and cigarets not a problem. Makes the candy and soda pop companies proud that the government is willing to keep buying the junk. “Sorry you are poor here have a sugary fattening substance that most people who need to strictly budget can only pick up once in a blue moon.”  Grrr.. I demand that it stop, and I demand it stop now!


Commandments of a New Job

End of July had provided a few new changes in my life. I was fed up with my job as a janitor in the regional casino. I hated working every weekend, not being able to get time off to see a show, being paid $9.00 an hour for 24 hours each week. I needed something more substantial with better pay and better hours. Therefore, when I heard of a job opportunity at a local convenient store franchise, I took my chances and applied. Two weeks later I had a new job.

I learned most of the ropes quickly, but there were a few new commandments to adjust to. Continue reading

Creeping Peepers & Chocolate Vandalism

There is no questioning that I live in HUD housing surrounded by other HUD housing residents. In essence, the neighborhood I live in is one of RW’s projects.The people that reside here fall into one of three categories: They work long hours for minimum wage, they are employed but under utilized, or they don’t/won’t/ can’t hold a job.  Along with these people come their children.

As it is, these are the last remaining days of summer and by now the resident parents are sick to death of having their own unruly children home for long stretches.  Either they are too tired from working to deal with the children, or they have dealt with them all day.  In any case, the children are loosed out doors to occupy themselves. Continue reading

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