Birthday Budget Blues

Remember that song:

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. I’ll cry if I want to. You would cry too, if it happened to you.

Well, that is today. It’s my 26th birthday and quite frankly it has to be one of the most trying birthdays I have ever had. There will be no party. I can’t afford one. Instead I’ll be working. There will be only the cake I make when I have time- which most likely means we will be having cake in late October. The gifts I dared to ask for have all dealt with things that I need but am too broke to ever be able to afford. Example: The Fuel regulator on my car went out and I don’t have anywhere near $130 to fix it. The lights in my car need to be adjusted. I have bills that are a bit overdue. How can a birthday be enjoyable like this? I guess the only good thing about today is that work gave me a $30 gift card- to use at work. I spent it on a tank of gas- uck… that too, I needed. Perhaps the reason people do not wish to count their older years is because they realize that to grow older costs requires money that some of us really don’t have.  Continue reading


Reform Welfare

Lets face it folks. Budgets are tight and people need help. But how much help is a handout instead of a hand up? Shouldn’t we be teaching self reliance? Shouldn’t we be focused on getting families to the next level?

To do this we need to set some hard boundaries.

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Business Beware- A Bad Customer is Here!

Each and every day I work, I see approximately 2,000 people go through the check out counters. I’ll be the first to admit that not all of those 2,000 customers get the best service they can get. My self and my coworkers have our favorites and an ever-growing customer shit list.

Most customers though, fall between those two extremes. They get the standard, almost auto piloted, treatment. It goes something like this:

“Hi! Did you have gasoline out there? Would you like to try this or that? It’s only a $1. Your total is X out of what ever you gave me. Would you like a bag? No? All right, have a nice day. Come visit again.”

Unless, at any point in the above transaction, there is something specific about that particular individual being waited upon, he or she is usually lumped together with the rest of the nameless faceless mass that on a daily basis merry-go-rounds its way in and out of the front door. Continue reading

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