Halloween Advice to Keep You Out of Prison!

Everyone loves Halloween weekend- well perhaps everyone who doesn’t have to work it. As I am still one of the lowest on the totem poll and everyone else requested off, I got stuck working Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. I have to say working just these 3 days, I think I have seen it all. Therefore, here is some advice that will guarantee that you and your costume don’t land in a prison holding cell next year.  Continue reading


There’s a Fee for That!

Fees!–the vain of my existence. Every time I turn around there is another fee! I’m being nickel and dimed to death by fees! Just take paying my electric bill as an example. 3 months worth of electricity costs nearly $100 at my residence. To pay that bill I had to pay the $100, the late fee (yes, I understand that one was my fault) and a convenience fee of $4 and 85 cents. I sat there astonished; Nearly a $5.00 convenience fee? That was for using my debit card to pay the bill online? Weird- they send the bill to me online through my g-mail account.  Therefore, why should I be charged for paying it online? Continue reading

Pearly Vision & Vision Plans


My Vision is bad but my glasses were worse. I got them two years ago when my mother still worked for the hospital. My insurance completely covered the nearly $1,600 it cost to get not only my stylish pair of glasses but also a pair of prescription Guess sunglasses. Now, though, they were no where near new and they definitely were not doing the trick. Over the course of two years they had been slept in, crushed in my school bag, and scuffed in my purse. It was amazing that I could see out of them, considering the constant scuffs, cracks, and prints that seemed to be permanently etched into surface. Continue reading

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