Turkey Trot!

Each and every year around the holidays various organizations around the USA put on a charity food drive event. The first of these events in my town is called the Turkey Trot. It is a 1k,3k,5k race intended on raising donations (both physical and in monetary form) to restock the food shelf. This event is almost always more successful than anyone could imagine. Runners and walkers, as well as those getting into the spirit show up in numbers to participate. The cost is a minimum donation of $5. In past years, I would participate not so much in the spirit of giving as in the spirit of completing a 5k run. But this year the goal has been driven home hard. This turkey trot is set to restock the local food shelf that I myself visit once a month. No one likes to visit the food shelf but everyone who needs it is glad it is there. There for I encourage everyone to participate- whether you are doing it for the exercise, the prestige in running a 5k, or for the simple knowledge of helping a family in need- every bit helps.


‘Tis the Season

The commercial blares, “Remember when Christmas was magical?”
I retort, “Yes, I do. Remember when it was after Thanksgiving?” It still urkes me to see the christmas decorations being put up a week before Thanksgiving. Christmas has become so commercialized. It’s all about the bottom dollar and big buck gifts.

I understand certain things are nice to have before Christmas- Christmas Cards and item lay away are two very good examples. The items we buy for each other are generally there year round, nothing magical happens to them during Christmas. The only thing that says this is Christmas season are the decorations! and those do not need to be up until after we take down the Thanksgiving ones!!!

A: Voting Q: What takes an Act of God?

There are myriads of slogans out there all designed at getting people out of their homes and into a polling place. But has anyone noticed how hard it actually is to vote? I’m new to the area and I’m still fairly young, but this is not my first time voting. I know I can still register to vote the day of. I had my card that tells me what polling place I go to. It has my name on it. It has my address on it. I had my ID. I had a piece of mail that has my name and address on it- it’s from the bank. But that still wasn’t enough. “Who are you?” “Where do you live?” “Are you sure you are at the right polling place?””You’re ID says you live in another town. Where are you from?” “We don’t take mail. You need a utility bill or your lease.”

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Perusing and Smoozing the Polis

The count down to the elections is on. Two weeks. One week. Five days. Three days. It’s tomorrow! I swear the count down makes politicians crazy. For instance, in my town we have a man running for office in my district. He is the only one running for office in my district. THere are no others. No one has even mentioned a write in candidate. No one is contesting his bid. Yet,  he has pasted fliers on all the cars around the area, and strewn our front hall with ‘Vote for me’ signs. It makes me mad. I want to do exactly the opposite of what he wants because he has gone so overboard.

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