Your Job or Your Life

As a wintery wonderland spread across the midwest this weekend many low income families have a decision to make- Risk their lives driving in treacherous conditions in order to get to work or risk losing their jobs by not showing up.

My employment is no different. The snow was just starting as my car tobogganed down the hill on its way to my work. I didn’t have a choice to call in on account of snow. My only option was to leave my place early enough to make it down the hill in order make it to work on time. It was not an easy task for my little Malibu. Despite the snow plows “clearing a path” my little car barley climbed snow drift after snow drift. I prayed that I was still on the road as visibility ended roughly 5 feet past the hood of my car. It took me 30 minutes to make the 7 minute journey. Snow continued to fall while I was at work and come morning my little car groaned and grunted its way back up the hill. It was all very Little Engine that Could. “I think I can. I think I can.” Thank God I did. With the trip down at 30 minutes the trip home again was nearly an hour.

Saturday and Sunday faired better, since I parked the car under a blanket of snow, and refused to go anywhere. My upstairs neighbor agreed. He called in risking one of his 6 sick days to stay home, eat pizza and watch movies. By the time the snow stopped it reached the apartment’s 1st floor windows. We were lucky though. Only one trip out in the storm not 3 like others we knew. For us a major storm still has us debating… The job or our life.


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