Make the Call

The phone rang at 10 this morning. It was my boss with another work request. Normally I would be angry that he called so late when he wanted me to work that evening. Today, I didn’t mind. Today I would do anything work asked me to do. Why? Because today my boss’s voice sounded frantic and scared as he relayed that my co-worker had suffered a massive heart attack this morning. The call didn’t phase me. This I already knew. I knew it at 2 am. I was there. My co-worker was complaining of pain in his chest. He thought he pulled a muscle over the weekend. Normally I would just have ignored it except when I kept checking on him his pain didn’t let up. I asked him where it hurt. He replied that it hurt around his chest and down his arms. Stoically, I told him he was having a heart attack. Continue reading


Tribute to a Saint- Leon Elmer Moen


Leon E. Moen, 90, of Kasson, died Sunday, January 9, 2011 at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester, MN. Continue reading

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