A National Tragity

I feel sick as my blood boils. Who would want to hurt peaceful Norway? Who would want to shoot at Norwegian children? The police don’t even carry guns in Norway. Any sort of crime is front page news. Things like this just don’t happen there. I should know, it was my home when I was 17.



Yesterday I received my MN care recertification. The recertification still makes me anxious. Will I still qualify? Will they deny my application? What will I do if they don’t accept it? Did I sign everything? Did I fill out the form correctly? If I make a mistake will my caseworker be angry with me? I don’t know my caseworker… she and I really have not met or talked at all since I came up here. Will she still fight to help me? So many questions. So many proofs. It makes me feel sick.

Find your own replacement

I’m sick. I’m running a 102 degree temperature. Nausia has set in and I have the all too familiar flu bucket beside me. Again, I’m sick. Sure, today is also the 4th of July. I’m also supposed to be at work, however, with my temperature and other flu like symptoms that is not an option. Work starts at 10pm. So, I called in at 6 to let them know I wasn’t going to make it. This news should not be shocking to them as I worked the previous night and into the early morning. The assistant manager and the shift leaders and my co-workers knew that I was not feeling well; that I barely made it through that shift.  Continue reading

Shutting MN Down

Two days ago, I like many other lower income people across the state of Minnesota watched and worried as Democrats and Republicans failed to make any headway in a deeply and bitterly entrenched budget battle. Few people held out hope that Minnesota would get her act together and accomplish the monumental task of creating a budget full of meaning and compromise. It didn’t happen.

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Life in the Wings- 365 days!

One year ago, I walked through that front door with a set of keys in my hand. Back then I didn’t believe I had a home. I thought I was going to be out on the streets after having a huge fight with my mom. I found out real quick that without compassion most people hard on their luck would be outdoors. If my father had not pulled some strings and got me this place, I would have no where to be. (Well, perhaps that isn’t entirely true. I would have bunked down at a co-workers home until I could find something stable. God-bless caring co-workers who turn into friends. Even though I don’t see those old co-workers as often as I did in the past, I still know I miss them and love them dearly. If ever I was in trouble, I would help them like they offered help to me.) Continue reading

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