Wrongfully Written Up

Yesterday at work my shift lead came up to me with a piece of paper and said, “Sign this!” Now, it is not unusual for a shift lead to come with a paper that needed to be signed but this time it was different. This wasn’t a standard piece of paper with rules and policies that we all had to acknowledge. This was a disciplinary sheet. I was being written up for not checking bathrooms every hour. I was confused. Every night I worked, the log had my signature next to the time I checked the bathrooms. There were only two nights that week that my signature was missing. Those nights I wasn’t even at the store. Those were my days off. I was getting into trouble for not checking bathrooms when I wasn’t even on the clock! How could that be? I informed my shift lead and my assistant manager. “The whole shift is getting written up. Just sign the paper! We’ll take care of it.” They said. I refused. Why should I be in trouble for something my shift did when I was not even on the clock? It makes no sense. Grrr. 


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