Arabic 101

ahlan wa sahlan,

The last 3 classes we have been in full swing of things. If you haven’t purchased the Alif Baa book, you should go out and get it now. So far we have covered the first 4 letters in the arabic alphabet. Alif, Baa, Taa, and Thaa. We also covered 2 long vowels uu and ii, 3 short vowels fatHa, Damma, and kasra and are just starting to learn jiim, Haa, and khaa. We have completed all exersises in the book up until this point and have our first vocab word. bab – Door. On top of all that our class has started the process of introductions. Ana Ismi….. wa ana min madinet ….. fee ……. Izzayyak? Kuwayyis wa enti? And of course when we learn to introduce ourselves we also learned how to say good bye. 
So that is all for now folks….

Maa ssalaama 


PS. Once I figure out how to put the arabic Keyboard on I’ll add the letters in Arabic. 




Ok eveyone, we have a midterm on Wednesday and Monday. Wednesday you need to have a 5 sentance monologue to share with the class. Wednesday will be the written portion. Make sure you can use all the appropriate vocabulary. Good luck.


Just a note:

For those wishing to participate in an Arabic study group, it looks as if we have enough people to do 2 complete groups. Group 1 will meet the hour before class. Group 2 meets the hour after class. Please see Ashley or Montana for more information, or to sign up.


I do have to apologize for getting to this kinda late. I have not been feeling 100% lately and subsequently have fallen behind on my duties to update this blog. Here is an attempt at rectifying myself and catching you all up on what has been missed. Continue reading

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