Just a reminder to you all that there is an exam this Friday. Make sure you can identify the following terms and people.

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I do have to apologize for getting to this kinda late. I have not been feeling 100% lately and subsequently have fallen behind on my duties to update this blog. Here is an attempt at rectifying myself and catching you all up on what has been missed. Continue reading

EICH-Syllabus update

European Intellectual and Cultural History, taught by M. Byman, is primarly focus on the thought patterns (mainly ideals) from the 19, 20, and 21st centuries. Three books will be used in the class. With tentitive exams on the 1st of Oct, 29 of Oct, and during finals week in Dec. There will aslo be a paper (5-6 pages) on one of the individuals studied during the course of the semester. Individual quizes and participation will also be a big factor in your grade. Keep up with the work and you should do fine.

Homework for Tuesday: Pery: pg 31-92

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