Political Research students, we have the midterm exam on Tuesday. Make sure you read all the material. (hint: do the exercises at the end of each chapter and know those concepts). Not only that, but be sure you can rewrite a good thesis. If you have questions stop in and see Prof. Guernica.

Also… Lit reviews are not due yet, however, you should be well underway with them. We will be taking a small amount of time in class to see how everyone is doing. Remember, this paper should be 8-12 pages long. Do not go over 12 pages, and do not go under 8. Single and a half or double spaced only folks.



Senerio: You and 499 other people have been commissioned to take a space voyage to Mars. You and all 499 passengers arrive on the planet safely and quickly converge on the planet to finish your work. You find the terrain rough and barren. It will not yeild the same type of earth produce that you and your crew are used to so you all are dependent upon the ships stock. At current levels the ship is capable of sustaining life for the 10 years that it takes for a ship to make a return voyage home to Earth. On take off, however, the unimmaginable happens. Your ship has been hit by a rouge astroid hiting the surface of Mars. Luckally no one in your crew was seriously injured. You  check with the rest of your crew and find that the ship is no longer unable to get it off the ground, let alone send it on a 10 year trek. To make matters worse, the astroid destroyed one of the chambers containing food and water. Your resources are cut in half. Upon learning this you radio for assistance. The closest back up ship is just being built at the NASA base in Florida. It will arrive with badly needed back up supplies in 12 years. Current estimates predict that if you do not act quickly your 3/4 crew will die by the time they arrive with at least 1/4 of that dieing due to starvation.  Not only do you have to worry about starvation, you are also worried about the 150 lasers on board that could possibly be used as weapons, as well as the problem of having a co-ed crew that will be in tight corriders for the next 12 years. What do you do? What kind of government do you set up?


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