Yesterday I received my MN care recertification. The recertification still makes me anxious. Will I still qualify? Will they deny my application? What will I do if they don’t accept it? Did I sign everything? Did I fill out the form correctly? If I make a mistake will my caseworker be angry with me? I don’t know my caseworker… she and I really have not met or talked at all since I came up here. Will she still fight to help me? So many questions. So many proofs. It makes me feel sick.


Shutting MN Down

Two days ago, I like many other lower income people across the state of Minnesota watched and worried as Democrats and Republicans failed to make any headway in a deeply and bitterly entrenched budget battle. Few people held out hope that Minnesota would get her act together and accomplish the monumental task of creating a budget full of meaning and compromise. It didn’t happen.

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Pearly Vision & Vision Plans


My Vision is bad but my glasses were worse. I got them two years ago when my mother still worked for the hospital. My insurance completely covered the nearly $1,600 it cost to get not only my stylish pair of glasses but also a pair of prescription Guess sunglasses. Now, though, they were no where near new and they definitely were not doing the trick. Over the course of two years they had been slept in, crushed in my school bag, and scuffed in my purse. It was amazing that I could see out of them, considering the constant scuffs, cracks, and prints that seemed to be permanently etched into surface. Continue reading

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