So…. who won?

This whole last week everyone has been able to feel the excitement brewing over super Tuesday. We all wanted to make sure our candidate got on the ballot so we all showed up in numbers. Only problem was that most of us had no idea what was going on. Even after last night I’m still confused as to how a caucus works, let alone who actually won them. I watched as the tv flashed cute updates… Clinton…. Obama…. McCain… Romney. My phone was ringing off the hook with people yelling He got another… She is projected to win this or that, but in the end who knows for sure what happened. You see there are these things called delegates. It doesn’t really matter if you win a state or not. It matters if you win delegates and superdelegates. So as we watched the states announce who had won we started to keep track of these funny delegate things. Some states had Obama win but gave Clinton the 2 delegates. Some states had Clinton win but gave Obama an extra delegate. Yahoo reported that Obama was behind Clinton by 5 delegates. CNN is reporting 582 to 562 in favor of Clinton. And I just received an email from Obama headquarters that claimed they were in the lead. Someone told me that the race would be over once the convention hit. That even though these states voted we had an electoral type system for this. Some states will play a bigger part so candidates really didn’t need to stay long in the states that had fewer votes. After all courting California, New York and Florida seem like a good way to get elected. Therefore, after all that hype we are still waiting. The only question I still have is: who won?


The Gambler

There is an old country western song that my father used to sing along to as he took me to school. He would sing “You need to know how to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money while your sitting at the table. There will be enough counting when the dealing’s done.”
That choirs line keeps comming up as I watch the presidential campaigns rage on to Super Tuesday.  Some candidates really do need to learn when to fold. A few of these would be Democrates Kucinich and Gravel, and Republicans Paul and Giuliani who have not won (or come close to winning) a single state. When we are this far into caucuses and we have had numerous major ones take place, we should be narrowing down the field. It is time to respect those who have understood this such as Republican Thompson and Democrate Bidden. These men know that by continuing to run and campaign in a losing battle they are effectivly pulling peoples time and attention away from the 3 main runners in each race. It would be a bigger service to each of these men- and the parties to which they campaign, because they are obviously not going to get the nod. Instead boys, save your money. Save the money of the other leading candidates. If the urge is still there to be the president, find an independent party (not the independent party, but one seperate from the republicans and the democrates) and try your hand there. By persisting in this maddness I can only say Thank God you will never be president. America needs a president that has the common sense to know his limits.


Culture clash

Sometimes it feels as if the worlds that I live in are connected and coherent. Then things happen and it proves to me how far each of my worlds are. Last week it was proved once again.

Every culture has their own tollerences. What is acceptable and what is not. I don’t doubt that often missunderstandings arise out of the smallest of differences. For instance one can ask for a rubber in England and be handed an erraser, yet in America a flushed face stammering “You would like what?” would be all that one recieved. ….. The list goes on… Just as it did last week.

Last week a friend of mine and I were crashing our African Brothers house for the evening. A communal meal of hot chille con carne was in the cards (it is always a wiser disicion for me to make hot and spicy food that I like verses the peanutbutter/ hot pepper combination that the sudenese men find so attractive while i choke down 3 ant-acids and pray that there is enough milk and bread in the house to allow me to put a small amount in my belly.) and well… The evening at first was going grand. We sat 3 Sudenes, 3 Americans and 1 lone Ethiopian around the small endtable that held the splendor of our evening meal. Jokes were exchanged as we all commented upon the differences between Africa and the United States.

Unfortunatly a joke was pushed a bit too far. One friend told my American sister to move so I could sit next to the boy they were teasing me about marrying. He told her to come sit with him. She, due to her past as a dancer, took it the wrong way. Within minnutes, my lone African brother was covered in tang. I couldn’t believe it and neither could anyone else. Now you would have believed it would end with an apology from her for squirting him with tang and for him to say sorry that the joke was misconstrued. But no…. lets just say that 2 of my other African brothers didnt know when to drop it. In less than an hour a screaming match ensued causing us (not just my american sister) to be evicted from the apartment by a man that would not listen to reason. In fact his behaviour was even worse than that of hers when she squirted the tang. He would not accept an apology from her, and made sure she knew that he was the “man”. Even my brother that we came to see at the apartment was not allowed to accept her apology by these 2 men.

Now in the end My american sister, my ehtiopian brother, and one of my brothers from sudan are all on good terms. The other 2 i’m sad to say are still not speaking to us. Nor do i think we will be speaking to them while they hold to the attitude that they are above all others. Grrr. sometimes it is fustrating. As the world shrinks you would think these clashes of culture would be less intense and that people would be more tollerant as well as patient with misunderstandings. Unfortunatly, as proven last week.. sometime this is just not the case.

Bad timeing and poor judgement


It never fails to amaze me at how stupid and ignorant people can be. As Minneapolis recovers from the realities of the I35w bridge collapse that has claimed the lives of 5 people and has left 8 more missing, inscrupulous people like Heidi and Brenda (shown in the pictures above) are turning a local tragity into their own political platform. How dare they. This tragity has nothing to do with the war. The only reason the 2 girls put up the sign was to gain attention. Especially attention that would come when the president came to view what had happened. That was some piss poor judgement girls. Instead of allowing people to focus on what we could do to keep the American public safe and ensure that this sort of thing doesnt happen again, you try to hone in on someone elses time just because you are selfish and wish the attention being paid to this would help you persue own personal and political agandas. Tisk…Tisk…Tisk… Pick another time and date to rally for your cause. This is not the time, nor the place to do so….. losers.

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