So…. who won?

This whole last week everyone has been able to feel the excitement brewing over super Tuesday. We all wanted to make sure our candidate got on the ballot so we all showed up in numbers. Only problem was that most of us had no idea what was going on. Even after last night I’m still confused as to how a caucus works, let alone who actually won them. I watched as the tv flashed cute updates… Clinton…. Obama…. McCain… Romney. My phone was ringing off the hook with people yelling He got another… She is projected to win this or that, but in the end who knows for sure what happened. You see there are these things called delegates. It doesn’t really matter if you win a state or not. It matters if you win delegates and superdelegates. So as we watched the states announce who had won we started to keep track of these funny delegate things. Some states had Obama win but gave Clinton the 2 delegates. Some states had Clinton win but gave Obama an extra delegate. Yahoo reported that Obama was behind Clinton by 5 delegates. CNN is reporting 582 to 562 in favor of Clinton. And I just received an email from Obama headquarters that claimed they were in the lead. Someone told me that the race would be over once the convention hit. That even though these states voted we had an electoral type system for this. Some states will play a bigger part so candidates really didn’t need to stay long in the states that had fewer votes. After all courting California, New York and Florida seem like a good way to get elected. Therefore, after all that hype we are still waiting. The only question I still have is: who won?




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